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1) Operative Provisions 
1.01) Automotive Calibration Ltd will on acceptance of its estimate, agree an outline period for a calibration visit. 
1.02) On receipt of instruction from client, we will attend site for the purposes of carrying out calibration on the agreed day. 2) The Client Will: 
2.01) Provide a site contact name, address and telephone number for each site. 
2.02) Make available all equipment to be calibrated (hand tools collected together) 
2.03) Provide access to power and a parking area for our technician's van. 
2.04) Co-operate as far as possible to assist the service relationship and our on site technician. 3) Our Service: 
3.01) Engraving of equipment with individual ID Nos. where required. 
3.02) Labelling of equipment with ID and 'Next Due' Date. 
3.03) Testing of equipment and recording of test results. 
3.04) Provide a Calibration Certificate traceable to National Standards where possible. 
3.05) Provide Self-Calibration Procedure/Log where available. 
3.06) Provide a Calibration Schedule of all items tested. 
3.07) Repair of equipment where possible and in agreement with the site contact, on a chargeable basis. 
3.08) Where equipment is removed for repair and returned by secure carriage, carriage charges are born by the client. 
3.09) Provide new equipment when in receipt of a written order. 
3.10) Provide all documentation in the form of pdf (Adobe) file by disc, email or by secure internet access. 
3.11) Provide verbal advice of each impending calibration visit 5 days in advance. 4) Re-Visitation Frequencies; 
Under ISO 9001:2000 requirements, frequencies of calibration may be decided by the client or by the manufacturer. 
4.01) Automotive Calibration Ltd will normally arrive on site for re-calibration visits, either on the day calibration is due, or within 10 working days either side of this date. These dates are subject to change, but a client will always be informed prior to adue date. 5) Charges: 
5.01) Charges are in line with the written quotation provided at inception. All prices are excluding VAT, and are subject to change only in writing. 
5.02) Where a request is made for an interim visit a call out charge may be levied. 
5.03) If additional work is required the Company reserves the right to charge an extra sum, provided at all times that we have notified you and you have agreed for us to do the extra work. 6) Payment: 
Invoices are to be settled within the agreed number of days as shown on our invoice. Goods remain the property of Automotive Calibration Ltd until payment is received. 7) Limitation Of Liability: 
Automotive Calibration Ltd agrees to provide the services in accordance with this agreement in good faith, but the client agrees that Automotive Calibration Ltd's liability by reason of any failure by it properly to provide such services, shall not extend to any indirect, incidental, consequential or special or other damages, including but not limited to damages resulting from loss of actual or anticipated revenues or profits, loss of business, customers or goodwill. 8) Termination: 
Automotive Calibration Ltd will be entitled to terminate this agreement or any renewal thereof at any time, if any invoice rendered by it to the Client remains unpaid for a period of four weeks but without prejudice to any rights of Automotive Calibration Ltd subsisting at the date of such termination. The Client may terminate this agreement in normal circumstances by written notice received at least 30 days before a calibration visit is due. Failure to do so may result in a charge of £200 pounds sterling / €220 euro (excluding VAT) being levied.

Tyre tread depth gauge calibration block

With this block you can easily calibrate all your own Tyre Tread Depth Gauges. Just ensure the block is calibrated yearly.

Full Self Calibration Procedure included.

Only £35

inc VAT (20%). Free Postage

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"Very efficient professional approach" (Client 1396)

"Faultless!" (Client 2132)

"Technicians are always polite & trustworthy & all other aspects of the business are more than satisfactory" (Client 1977)

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