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Its normal for manufacturers to have approved UKAS laboratory calibration because of the very high tolerances they work to. However, this is very costly and also requires tools to be sent off site for a minimum of two days.

Our Certificates are issued against test equipment which has been calibrated in approved UKAS laboratories and is therefore traceable to National Standards. In the case of weights and measures, our test equipment is calibrated to National Standards. Our certificates also act as a record of tool performance and should be retained for a minimum of 12 months, or alternatively as specified in your own Quality Procedures.

We also hold information on our database for five years should clients need to refer to calibration data for any reason. Once initial calibration has be carried out, our clients are automatically reminded shortly before calibration is next due.

In line with UKAS requirements, we offer as standard, a calibration of your equipment ’As Found’ by our technician. Should the device be in specification (within tolerance), a 'Pass' certificate will be raised.

Should the tool be out of tolerance range, but capable of adjustment, it will be adjusted, ’As Left’ readings taken, and one certificate raised with ’As Found’ and ’As Left’ readings on it.

Should the device not be capable of adjustment, it will be returned, with a note on the certificate to that effect.

We now issue our customers with electronic Calibration Certificates and Schedule on disc. If an item is 'Not Tested' for any reason we provide an 'Unavailable' report to bring this to your attention.  We provide a new disc at each visit or you may wish for all record to be saved to the previous disc - the choice is yours.

The file type is 'pdf' (Portable Document Format) and can be viewed on screen or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is an accepted format than is in a non-editable (read only).


Tyre tread depth gauge calibration block

With this block you can easily calibrate all your own Tyre Tread Depth Gauges. Just ensure the block is calibrated yearly.

Full Self Calibration Procedure included.

Only £35

inc VAT (20%). Free Postage

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